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Whatever advertising services you may need, Imedia will be able to help you with your requirements.

Beyond looking good, a good design must provide strong solutions. We use our in-house talent and resources and treat design as an important element in the overall communications strategy of a company.

Whether it’s a corporate brochure, logo design, newsletter, poster, product catalog, direct mailer, collateral design or an interactive execution, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done on time and within budge

Our services include but are not limited to :

bullet  Creative design bullet  Copywriting
bullet  Print advertising bullet Electronic media advertising
bullet  Television advertising bullet  TV advertising
bullet  Outdoor advertising bullet  Radio advertising
bullet  Recruitment advertising bullet  Media planning
bullet  Media buying bullet  Market research
bullet  Public relations bullet Events management
bullet  Web design bullet  Web development
bullet  Internet advertising bullet  Email advertising
bullet  Online advertising  

Domain Registration

The domain name must be globally unique and particular to your identity so it is important to secure a domain name that is easily identifiable to your existing business name. Domain names ending with .com, .net, .org, .biz,,. and many more extension are available that can be registered through many different companies (known as “ Registrars”). To register a domain name, you will ask to provide various contact and technical information that make up the registration.

Web Hosting

Key to every website designed is that it be hosted on industrial strength technology. At Imedia we are able to offer our clients a variety of hosting options. We aids businesses to acquire web presence by offering various hosting options all bundled with the latest technology in use today. Our customers can acquire corporate web presence on the Internet at very competitive prices that are served by lightning fast, state of the art, and industrial strength technology. At Imedia we offer hosting on two types of operating systems.

xc UNIX Base.
xc Window NT Base

Web Designing & Development

bullet  Website Design bullet  Online E-Brochures Designing
bullet  Website Redesign bullet  E-commerce Website Designing
bullet  Website Maintenance bullet  Online Newsletter Systems
bullet  Corporate websites bullet  Search Engine Optimization
bullet  Branding websites bullet  Web Based Applications

We have a top-notch team that designs websites to serve our clients’ business needs. By combining our valuable strategic and creative branding experience with our technological capabilities, we are always able to deliver effective results.

We conceive, architect and build web businesses. By fusing strategy, creativity and technology we develop effective solutions that exploit the power of the internet and enable clients to build interactive relationships with their customers, suppliers and shareholders.

Our web solutions increase the competitive advantage of companies by enabling web technologies for their businesses. We specialize in ASP, PHP, HTM, Java, XML, Flash and other languages & tools

The World Wide Web is expanding daily and today it's one of the best and most inexpensive ways to give your business exposure. With millions of Internet users, having a website is a sure way of letting the local community and the world know that you exist.

The Internet is not just a trade directory, or a collection of product catalogue. People don not spend hours surfing the web just to look for goods and services. They come to be informed, or entertained, or in some manner – stimulated. And for website to build traffic, they need to do just that- stimulate the suffer, in a sustained manner, in the long term. Here at Imedia, we call them Value – Added media designing.

Print Media & Promotions

Brochure design, business brochures, corporate brochures, trifold brochures - Over years industrial B2B marketing allows us to quickly and efficiently create eye-catching and relevant graphic design with experience you can count on. An outstanding brochure design value whether you need simple product brochures or an entire catalog design, we have the artistry and technical expertise to get the job done.

Imedia Graphic Designing Services Include:

bullet  Brochures bullet  Calendars Diaries
bullet  Product Flyers bullet  Publication
bullet  Catalogs bullet  News Latter
bullet  Posters bullet  Annual reports
bullet  Magazine Newspaper Ads bullet  Panaflex
bullet  Logo Brand Identities  
bullet  Business Stationary  
bullet  Corporate Profiles  
bullet  Flyers Direct Mailers  
bullet  Event Invitation Cards  

Multimedia Presentation
(CD Presentation / Video Documentary / 3D animation)

We use the latest technology and tools to produce rich presentations – incorporating video, animation, database interactivity, voice-overs, etc.

We have the resources to complete the project from concept to delivery Imedia build functional, informative and engaging multimedia solutions that directly support the sales and marketing efforts of our customers. Our customers have used the power of multimedia to convey their story with clarity and enthusiasm, using applications that are functional, informative, and truly engage their audience. Corporate capabilities, sales presentations, product catalogs, are just a few of the potential applications of multimedia technology.

Our ability

Our ability to customize your multimedia presentation allows you to target your message directly to an audience of one. A general capabilities presentation can be customized into a key account presentation by including a 3D animation of your prospect's logo at the beginning and burning a single CD.

Quality Assurance

Because CDs utilize digital information, you can be assured that every one made will present the same high quality, exactly as the original, and have a long shelf life without degradation.

Memorability and Persistence

The dynamic nature of a multimedia presentation makes for a fun and memorable experience. You will hold your audiences' interest longer than with print, and they will keep your CD longer than your printed piece.